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** We are trusting you will keep this information confidential and secret to your eyes and use only. Please do not abuse us or this system. If you are caught sharing these discount codes with anyone else, your discounts will be revoked, and you will be banned from re-entry to TownScare along with the people whom you shared this information with.
  • Is the Broom Making Experience for children?
    The Broom Making Experience involves upper body strength and developed motor skills. All children must be accompanied and assisted by an adult.
  • What is the $50 reservation fee?
    $50 (plus sales tax) is required to hold your spot for all workshops. This is your initial deposit, and the $50 will be deducted from the total cost of your broom when finished. We do not store your credit card. Your total remaining balance is due at the end of your session.
  • Does the experience take place in an indoor or outdoor venue?
    TownScare will be held outdoors in general with various indoors experiences.
  • Who gets discounts?
    Active Duty Military Current Guard / Reserve Retirees Military dependents (anyone with a DoD issued military or dependent ID) Veterans (proof of service may be required)
  • What are the discounts?
    10% Off all Citizen Passes 10% Off all Event Tickets 10% Off all Merchandise 10% Off all Experiences 10% Off all Food and Drinks Free General Admission Parking Free Handicap Parking (with placard or plates)
  • How do we get our discounts?
    You will need to fill out the form below and tell us a little about yourself. if you are required to upload any documentation, please do so. Once you have been approved, you will receive an email with all of your discount codes to use on our website or in the app. You can also bypass this entire process and purchase everything in person and receive discounts upon showing us your ID. Prices may vary in person rather than in advance online.

We’re saluting US military personnel by offering everything at discounted rates.

Supporting Documentation
Military ID
Driver's License With Military Status
Upload Documentation
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